“I simply cannot afford to lose to her.  I am their Captain. I must get to them. It is imperative that I do everything in my power to prevent you from defeating them!  The weight I carry in my position far outweighs any of your responsibilities!” ~ Maya Natsume (ep. 6)

Meet Bob Makihara and Souchirou Nagi, two tough guys planning to take over their 100th school: Toudou Acadamy.  Their definition of “take over” doesn’t mean becoming the most popular – it means bullying their way to the top leaving the rest of their classmates cowering in fear of their street fighting prowess.  These two may have been something at their previous schools (if 99 successful take overs is any kind of proof), but nothing could have prepared them for this challenge!  Toudou Academy is a school excelling in various styles of martial arts and fighting techniques; the many clubs that make up the school each predominantly focus on one particular style; to take them down means to be stronger than everyone.  Yeah, they don’t stand a chance!

The two new freshmen quickly catch the eyes of both the Executive Council and the notorious Jyuken Club, both seeing the underlying potential the two possess.  The Executive Council, led by Mitsuomi Takayanagi and second in commands Emi Isuzu and Bunshichi Tawara wish only to eliminate Bob and Souchirou.  The Jyuken Club, led by Maya Natsume with fellow members Masataka Takayanagi and Aya Natsume, quickly take the two freshmen in and vow to help make them stronger at any cost.  This, however, drags Bob and Souchirou straight into the middle of a bloody war.

The anime has a plethora of vibrant characters with plenty of fighting, action, and comedy; however, the main event at the core of everything involves events that began two years prior; events much darker and dramatic than one might anticipate.  The back-story, told through flashbacks and storytelling, centers around the original Jyuken Club formed and lead by Shin Natsume (Maya and Aya’s older brother and then president of the Executive Council).  Love, betrayal, trust, hate, a demonic katana called the Reiki, and a dangerous power called the Dragon’s Eye all set the stage for death, tears, and revenge; revenge that is still waiting to be carried out two years into the present.

Now that you’ve read all that you’re probably wondering if this is something you’d really care to watch.  I can certainly offer my opinion (for whatever that’s worth!). Did I like this anime? Yes. Will you? Well, that’s for you to decide.   From what I can tell, the majority of people who dislike this anime feel so due to the ending, or shall I say, lack there-of.  I am certain there is an ending, as one can be found in the manga, however, the anime simply stops. To the disappointment of many, it stops just before where you would probably anticipate it to.  Knowing that now you may decide to skip over this one, read the manga first, or watch it anyways.  I’d recommend watching it anyways 🙂 as the action is fast paced and the story compelling, drawing you more and more to the characters as the truth is slowly revealed as to why things are the way they are.   Entertaining and never a dull moment, do you think you can handle Toudou Academy? Only one way to find out…