It’s finally here! Tonight is Pre-Con – of course we’re not going to be there until tomorrow night, but still!  It’s so exciting to know that it’s starting even though I’m well aware how painfully drawn out tomorrow will be as I sit at work just willing away the minutes until I can go home, pack up the truck, and hit the road!

In a way it is a very good thing that we weren’t able to or plan to go to Pre-Con mostly due to the fact that we’re still not totally ready costume wise xD.  Tuesday night we decided to give up on coat number one for Maka and we completely started over last night ~ funny thing is we managed to accomplish more in just that one night then we did over the course of four days.  So tonight will be dedicated to the smaller details of my coat and finishing the gloves for Black*Star and then we just might be ready to start packing! Eeeek!

For anyone who might be slightly confused as to anything I mention regarding cosplay costumes, here’s a few more details for you 🙂

Cosplay is short for “costume play” and is a type of practice involving wearing costumes and accessories made to look like specific characters from movies, video games, anime, or books ~ especially ones from Japanese genres.

These costumes can range from cardboard boxes to intricately hand made outfits.  Some people buy full costumes ready made and put together be it just for fun,  a lack of time, or a quick fix. Many others will plan for events far in the future and work to pull their cosplay together for months to make it fit perfectly and look exactly how they want it.

I’m honestly nowhere near being an expert on this topic; but being a girl completely obsessed with Halloween, stage performance, and dressing up – the idea of being able to do these things randomly throughout the year couldn’t be more perfect! For anyone interested, here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

  • Scope out your local fabric and craft stores and learn to love them! – You *will* be making many many trips picking up supplies. You may think you have everything you need, but wait until you get started…there will always be something.
  • Learn where to find good deals on clothing, accessories, and other various items – some outfits can be fairly involved and detailed and it can become quite costly if you aren’t smart.  Outlet malls, thrift stores, dollar stores, even that weird store in the mall you’ve never been brave enough to go in.  Give them a shot, you’ll usually find what you’re looking for in places you wouldn’t normally expect.
  • For the love of all things pretty learn how to use a sewing machine (I’m working on it…don’t judge me)! – I assure you that for larger projects you will not want to try and hand sew pieces together and even smaller ones will hold and look much nicer if done by machine rather than by hand.  It may be difficult and frustrating at first, but if you can out-will the machine you will be so much happier in the end!
  • Consider how you can transform common items into the item that you need – you would probably be surprised and how useful random things lying about your home can be!
  • Try new things – there is no written law on how to do things, so experiment! It could turn out absolutely phenomenal and no one else may have ever thought to do it that way. Of course, there’s always the risk of it not turning out so hot, and that leads me to…
  • However much time you think you’ll need to complete your project, add a few more weeks to it – You can plan everything down to the finest detail but it probably will not turn out exactly the way you envisioned the first try.  You may try something that completely backfires or perhaps your sewing machine somehow ends up flying out the window (it could be anything), but things may or may not go wrong and it’s always better to have that extra time to undo the damage and keep moving forward.
  • Take breaks – you’ve given yourself ample time to finish so don’t kill yourself trying to get it done.  You do have a life outside of whatever project you have chosen and most cosplays cannot be finished in one sitting.  Work on it while your motivated and if you start getting bored or frustrated then give it a rest, you’ll be much more productive if your high spirited about it.
  • Most importantly, Have fun! – (cliche, but it’s true!)

In regards to cosplay crafting I’m definitely more of an apprentice than a master-crafter around this household 😛 Accessories and details are where I excel as well as giving my opinions on this and that. One day I’ll get better at the larger material pieces *sigh* and the sewing machine, but that day has not yet come.  But enough writing for now, for there is much to do before I sleep tonight! Rest assured there will be a full coverage report of Animazement and pictures ~ oh will there be pictures!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Huzzah! ❤