If anyone thinks that going to a convention is what makes  for a nice relaxing weekend they are severely mistaken. If anything it is a weekend of excitement, entertainment, epic levels of cosplay, and smiling so much that if your face doesn’t hurt by the end of the day you’re doing it wrong.

The event: Animazement 2011. The place: Raleigh, NC Convention Center – a convention center made up of about four floors/levels of madness.  Before we even knew we’d arrived we saw the many tell-tale signs: the cat ears, the wildly colored hair, and a multitude of  intriguing and unique costumes you simply don’t see walking the streets of downtown.

We were constantly on the go and most travel was by foot seeing as parking downtown, especially during an event,  is obnoxious at best.  Between the panels, the events, the photo shoots, and exploring the dealer’s room and artist alley there just wasn’t even close to enough time to hit everything on our to-do list.

As if that wasn’t enough, you needn’t have gone past the lobby to get your fill of cosplays and entertainment.  Superhero action shots took place around the clock, mine creepers and tetris blocks moseyed from one place to another, and if you kept your eyes peeled you would have seen solid snake infiltrating the lobby from pillar to pillar and sliding through photo ops without a moments notice.  Ninjas, Pokemon, and creatures from the far recesses of your nightmares walked the streets of Raleigh this weekend and it was quite the sight to see.  Sometimes it was difficult to leave the hallways because you never knew just how many amazing costumes or perfect photo ops you might miss out on.

A few of the more memorable events occurring this past weekend included cosplay chess (sadly I missed this due to a photo shoot scheduled at the same time), the raves (how people can slow dance at a rave – I don’t even…but really there were some very talented dancers, shufflers, jumpstylers, and light shows), and a marriage proposal at the masquerade contest (aww, congratulations!).

I am now thoroughly exhausted, inexplicably happy, and my inner otaku has been temporarily sated.  🙂 For now it is time to sit back and relax for a while.  The next convention we plan on going to will be Nekocon in Virginia Beach, VA come November; and you better believe we’ll be even more ready for that one!

My Animazement 2011 Cosplays:

Saturday: Maka Albarn (Soul Eater) [anime]

Sunday: Witch (Left4Dead)

Check out this link for more pictures from Animazement 2011: