It’s said lifes encounters are governed by fate. Within the tangled threads of destiny cursed flowers bloom – pitiful and frail; lost in their anger, their sorrow, their tears. Beyond midnights veil lies the revenge you could not exact…alone.

Imagine if your worst enemies and tormentors could be eliminated from your life within an instant – would you do it?

There is a certain website that only appears at midnight called the Hell Correspondence.  When a person’s name is entered into this site a mysterious girl called Hell Girl will appear before you with an offer to free your life from the pain and torture you are currently facing.  She will hand you an old Japanese stick doll with a scarlet ribbon around its neck.  Upon untying the ribbon she will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight to hell, however, this will bind you into a covenant with her.  There always has to be a price.  In return for taking your enemies soul to hell, when your life should come to an end, your soul will also belong to hell – never knowing the joys of heaven.  Is it too steep of a price? Perhaps for some…

Hell Girl is an anime that I had started long ago, but after a few repetitive episodes I will admit that I put it aside.  I finally decided to finish it, hoping that more would come of it besides watching story after painful story of people leading dismal lives only to summon the hell girl to rid them of their sorrows.  This is not a show for the faint of heart.  Each episode is dark, sad, hateful, painful, and any other trait you  may imagine coming from people being tortured and put down by others.  However, once you finally begin to accept that this is what the anime is about, you may also begin to see how very wrong your initial perception was.

While many stories and characters come and go there is a set cast of characters that you will quickly come to recognize.  One side of the cast is the Hell Girl and her associates.  The mistress Ai Enma is the Hell Girl, with those closest to her being the all seeing Ren, the beautiful Hone, and an elder gentleman by the name of Wanyudo who transforms not only into Hell Girl’s chariot but also takes the form of the small doll given to those entering the covenant.  Others in Ai’s life include a colorful, overseeing spider and a faceless grandmother who speaks to no one except Ai.  Two additional characters show up about halfway through the series: a journalist named Hajime Shibata and his seven year old daughter, Tsugumi.  Hajime begins investigating the recent Hell Girl phenomenon and the related disappearances around Tokyo for his new breakthrough article.  His daughter Tsugumi soon becomes caught up in his new obsession and begins seeing visions of places and people ranging from blurry and vague pictures to those of the finest details.  What she sees isn’t just random information though – she is seeing through Hell Girl’s eyes.  Using this advantage to its fullest, Hajime and Tsugumi begin showing up all over Japan in attempt to aid those wishing to utilize Hell Girl and hopefully convince them to reconsider their decision. After all, revenge isn’t always the best answer.

The series continues showing people’s unfortunate lives even after Hajime and Tsugumi begin taking larger roles, however not every situation stays as black and white as they had previously.  Tsugumi begins to believe Hell Girl is right in taking horrible people to hell…but what if not everyone truly deserves to be sent to hell?  What if the person waits too long to pull the thread and the damage becomes too great to be undone? What if pulling the thread does nothing to fix the current situation? What if…what if…what if…

Hell girl’s truth slowly begins to unravel as well until all is revealed; the ending episodes truly making me happy I decided to finish watching the series.  I can say this anime is not for everyone but if you do give it a try, watch it all the way through.  Many of the themes throughout Hell Girl correspond to many found within a favorite horror game series of mine called Fatal Frame, which easily explains why I ended up liking this one so much.

It can be so much easier to try and believe that the types of people found within these episodes simply do not exist ~ but that is naive. Life is not perfect and people do suffer but what if, just what if it didn’t always have to end where the good guys die and the bad guys win?  Imagine being able to free yourself or those you love from the torment of those around.  Is it worth the price? The decision rests with you…

Your grievance shall be avenged