“This is really wonderful. This is such a happy environment. It’s too dazzling for me. This is the way people live their lives. Isn’t it just beautiful? I’m envious. If I vanish now, could I start over anew? Could I accept normal happiness? If I lost my memories, and got a different personality, I might be able to. But then, what does it mean to be reborn? That isn’t the life I had anymore. It’s someone else’s life. Everyone only gets to live life one time, and it’s right here. I only get it once. This is my life. I can’t entrust it to someone. I can’t steal a new one. I can’t force it on others. I can’t forget it, or erase it. I can’t stomp over it, laugh it off, or beautify it. I can’t anything, I’d have to- I’d have to accept my one shot at life no matter how cruel or merciless or unfair I thought it was. Sir, don’t you understand? That is why I must fight. I must keep on fighting, because- because I could never accept that kind of life!”

~ Yuri Nakamura, Angel Beats!

That pretty much says it all right there. Be grateful for everything life has given, handed over, tossed, thrown, and hurled in your general direction over the past years and for those yet to come. It’s the only chance you get, so make it count!

And if you have not already, get around to watching the anime Angel Beats! ~ it is death, humor, weapons, music, beauty, computers, and emotion all wrapped up in 13 amazing episodes. It is one of those shows that is highly entertaining throughout but only after all is said and done does everything truly come together.

So smile. What have you got to lose? 🙂