“This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” ~ T.S. Eliot

In High School of the Dead there is only one class that needs to be passed: survival.

For those who may not be ready, here’s a small crash course to better prepare yourself for the possible imminent zombie apocalypse:

#1 – If you get bitten you become one of them.

#2 – Unlike people, they have no fear, no reservation.

#3 – Stay quiet. Sound draws their attention.

#4 – Wear clothing you can run, jump, and fight in.

#5 – No matter how big the vehicle, running over hordes of zombies may not always be the best option.

#6 – Always have a partner and never try to fight them off alone (unless there is no other option).

#7 – Aim for the head and always shoot to kill.

#8 – Always have a weapon/ammo (gun, pole, sword, baseball bat, etc. [use your imagination, yes, anything can become a weapon]).

#9 – Always be ready to move. A safe house is a place for short term rest, not for long term haven.

#10 – They will not cross or go into water directly.

#11 – Shorter falls and stumblings will only hinder them momentarily. They can recover quickly.

#12 – Fire will kill (re-kill?) them, but they neither fear it nor will be stopped immediately by it.

I’d expect much of this to be common sense…however, that seems to be a rare commodity at the best of circumstances usually. Granted, there is far more than this list covers that can be done to learn and prepare; however, keep in mind that an outbreak can take anywhere from months to minutes to spread.  So how will you be graded on the test: will you be a survivor or will you become one of them? Passing or failing will be entirely up to you. 🙂