“On the dark side of the gardens there’s so much you will find,

The only thing you have to lose is a little of your mind.

Come play in my gardens”

Everyone is brave when they have daylight on their side, but do you think you stand a chance when night falls over the land?  Scares and entertainment abound while the sun is high, but once the hours dim, the creatures that emerge are something found only within your deepest nightmares. Here lies a recipe for one of the greatest culmination of ideas: a world class theme park  infused to the brim with the terrifying spirit of Halloween.  Howl-o-Scream at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg presents the perfect amusement park thrill – and this time thrill refers to much more than roller coasters.  This years theme taking on a life of its own as The Dark Side of the Garden: Fear Grows Here.

Without even going on the rides the park offers a spectacle of horrors as your worst fears lurk just beyond reach.  Blood flows from ornate fountains in Germany, ginormous grotesque spiders spin webs and take claim over much of France, a macabre carnival resides in Italy, and werewolves prowl the alleys of Ireland.  The day presents a family friendly atmosphere of sights and sounds with rides and shows in the All Hallows Eve spirit taking place; however, once the bell for 6 o’clock tolls the park transforms into something comprised more from nightmares than dreams.

So tell me of your worst fears – is it spiders, snakes, doctors, heights, the dark, or some other amalgamation of terror? No matter what it is you won’t be safe as you travel through 13 – Your Number’s Up. Would you care to see what lurks amidst the catacombs, or perhaps the Fear Fair would create more of the side splitting laughter and chills that you seek? No matter what your choice, be prepared; because it isn’t just the haunted houses to be feared…it’s the entire park.

Are you brave enough to visit the Dark Side of the Gardens?