Anime conventions…yes, they strike in communities where they least expect it. It can be said that everyday is the same as always until suddenly – seemingly out of nowhere – half of the town is over run by people in exotic clothing, vibrant wigs, and (more often than not) sporting unparalleled weaponry.  NekoCon 14 was no exception as over 4,000 con-goer’s claimed reign over much of the Hampton Roads, VA area the weekend of November 4-6.

Among the usual panels, masquerades, raves, and cosplay that adorn many a convention hall during these events, Nekocon also hosted a series of musical guests and artists to entertain and amaze.  High energy J-Rock band BORN performed their melodic and death vocals on both Friday and Saturday Night.  Additionally, Nerdcore MC Frontalot also performed Saturday night as an inclusion to his current tour.  This year also hosted a runway show from Fashion extraordinaire Takuya Angel displaying his new line of Harajuku fashions.  Kimonos, masks, platform boots, fans, monster paws, and exotic colors adorned playful models as they danced and brandished some of the latest styles. Numerous other voice actors and selected guests walked the floors and held panels as well. As always, there was never a dull moment with so much to do…and so little time!

The video game room, artist’s alley, and dealer’s room can always absorb more free time than you realize you even had and this year did not disappoint. Even if those aren’t your cup of tea (and c’mon, its video games and shopping…how can you go wrong!?) just moseying around the convention hall is enough entertainment to last a lifetime.  Cosplays from every genre, anime, video game, and subculture wander in live action replaying animated scenes and posing for photo ops at every turn. Have music, will dance – random dance off circles occur here and there until security eventually catches wind and breaks up the “hall blocking”; other small groups can also be found dancing in their own little ways off to the side.

Keep in mind though that not every con is exactly the same  – the people change and so do the small, little, details that make every con unique.  How about a hi-five escalator…yes, it is exactly what it sounds like!  People go up and down the escalator and so long as you are you get a hi-five from every passerby 🙂 and if that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!  Katamari balls of people stumble down halls picking up stragglers as they go past until finally…everyone topples over in one huge pile. Remote control sharks float surreptitiously through the air, fins and tails languidly flowing back and forth as if swimming, stalking its next victim to pet its snout.

It may have been chilly outside but inside the weather was happy and warm.  From last year the amount of people seemed to triple which is terrific and a great time was had by all.  At the end of the day it is good to know that cat ears and steampunk will never go out of style.  Anime, video games, manga, fashion – the geek in me is so very excited and bouncy still and I doubt it will wear off anytime soon.  So what cosplay should I begin working on next?…I’m not quite sure but I do know it is already time to get started!

Huzzah, NekoCon ~ See you next year! ^^

Here’s a link to more pics from the con: