There was once a legend of a great wolf god that dictated the fortune of the harvest each and every year.  Some years the wheat was plentiful and overflowing while others yielded just enough to survive the winter.  The village folk called the wolf impulsive…never understanding that after a bountiful harvest she had to let the land rest and recover.  But what fools these mortals be, how could they ever understand…

But perhaps all mortals are not so bad, some just simply trying to get by. As such, in order to make a good living for oneself in this difficult and trying world, one must be good at what they do.  Luckily for a young man named Kraft Lawrence, being a traveling merchant with an eye for making money, he is considered one of the best.

After stopping by a familiar village, Lawrence finds  a young girl with pointy ears and a long beautiful tail in the back of his merchant cart.  She is the human form of Holo, the wise wolf – the very incarnation of the great wolf who tended the villages wheat for so many long years – and the two soon set out on a journey of merchant-ly trials, trickery, and travel as they make their way to Holo’s homeland in the North.

Season one of Spice and Wolf is 13 episodes of fun, travel, odd yet endearing characters, humor, and even a bit of business savvy. Between Lawrence’s wit and Holo’s  adorably cute yet regal attitude (not to mention her ever increasing tab due to more apples than anyone should eat, expensive clothes, and bottomless mugs of alcohol) the two form a partnership that is hard not to love.

So go watch it.  It makes happy – and here is the ending theme as proof, just in case you aren’t convinced yet: ^^