Things never seem to turn out quite how you’d like them to, especially when your entire fate is already decided by the first day of school:

“Future Occupation: Demon King”

Akuto Sai always dreamed of becoming a bearer of light for the people, ranked among the highest order of magicians and changing the world in the best and most peaceful way possible. Yet despite his wishes, Akuto is destined to become the future Demon King – the destroyer of everything; and no matter how hard he tries to do the right thing it always ends up backfiring. However, even despite the general consensus of terror attributed to him by the students of the academy, Akuto still manages to acquire a few quirky “friends”.

These “friends” include the android, Korone, who is a surveillance agent sent by the government to watch over and report on the future Demon King; the whimsical airhead, Kena, who constantly skips class, disappears, and eats more rice than can possibly be healthy; the class representative and Iga ninja clan heir, Junko, who inwardly battles herself on her feelings towards Akuto; a weaker classmate, Hiroshi, who is destined to one day become a hero and affectionately calls Akuto “big brother”; and lastly, Miss Eto, the head of the girls dormitory who dreams of avenging her brother’s death and becoming the next Demon Queen.

Together, this mismatched group faces droves of angry students, strange encounters, rogue demon beasts, unknown magic abilities and a chance to defy the very fate handed to them.

Demon King Daimao is a short 12 episode series encompassing a predictable yet amusing story, charming characters, and a humorous outlook presiding over the entire ordeal. Sure, the first episode pretty clearly shows what the next 11 will be about; but the small trials and odd situations that abound throughout the series are enough to keep you entertained.

It is good versus evil from a devil’s advocate perspective.  What if the greatest future evil is really doing what is best for the world while the good everyone knows is actually holding people back? Which side do you follow? Is there even a reason to this madness?

The anime is obviously not too complex, you don’t need note cards to keep up with everything that is happening, but at the same time it is an enjoyable show to watch. The characters are easy to like and their individual, and oftentimes insane, antics could make even the sternest of individuals crack a smile.  Even though there is only one season, it covers everything it needs to; and I think most people will be fine with how it turns out.  Of course, if for some reason that isn’t enough, people can always fall back on the manga to help fill in loose ends.

Maybe, after all is said and done, the presence of a Demon King could actually bring about some good in the world; and if not, well, at least it was fun while it lasted!