Procrastinators unite!…tomorrow.

Story of my life. However, this little aspect – that I apparently have total control over but continually decide to put off doing anything about – always makes things a little, well, interesting with a touch of panic. Yes, this fits in with work, school, vacations, extracurricular activities…(the list goes on); but in this particular case: conventions.

Conventions occur throughout the entire year all over the world, the trick is finding the ones near you or ones you are willing to travel to. Of course, there are always those last minute instances where you say, “to Hell with it, let’s go!”; but usually these tend to come with a bit more forethought.

In my case, there are two main conventions that we go to – one is Memorial Day weekend and the other is the first weekend in November. Easy enough to remember, right? And remember I do, however, it is in the preparation for said conventions that I lack complete and utter skill.

Every year as it gets within a months time I scramble about finishing my cosplay and arranging other schedules, times, and plans; constantly thinking that for -insert next convention’s name here- I am going to start at least 5 months prior…

Who am I kidding?

So here we are again, less than 2 months one month away and I have all of the materials, in a neat folded pile mind you, ready to craft my cosplay (okay, I lie. I have already  made some progress…on one of them). Hotel reservations have surprisingly been made, and I’m sure other things will simply fall into place as we get closer (are other people coming? who will watch the adorable kitties? homework? oh well, whatever).

So,  for anyone else who loves these last minute pushes to con weekend or for those who may not know, allow me to give a breakdown of how said month-and-counting goes:

  •     Hotel – If you are traveling at all, a.k.a. the con is not in your hometown or any other location in which you have a place to stay, make a hotel reservation. If you are smarter than I and actually do things ahead of time you can probably score a reservation at the site hotel or one within easy walking distance to the con itself.
  •     Transport – Make sure you have reliable transportation or some method of getting there (and know how to get there).
  •     Money – Ensure you have the funds to get ready for, get to and from, and of course, to spend at the con.
  •     Pre-Register – If you know you are going you  might as well go ahead and get your weekend pass. It will save you both money and time at the door once you arrive. (note: if you are staring at the month-and-counting line, it is probably already too late but keep it in mind for next time.)
  •     Knowledge and Schedule – If you’ve never been to the particular con before it might not hurt to look up a few things beforehand such as the basic layout of the center and nearby attractions and food. Additionally, an event schedule will usually come about the week of the con. Amazingly enough, there is more to a con besides dressing up and taking pictures of each other – panels, performances, video game competitions, amv contests, and numerous other scheduled (and not so scheduled) events take place around the clock; and if you think you are going to see everything, think again. So make a rough plan. It is something I rarely ever seem to stick to, but it’s the thought that counts.
  •      Cosplay – Don’t be one of those people that wear a cardboard box with “GUNDAM” written across the front. At the very least, figure out what you are going to do ahead of time and approximate the time it will take you to finish it. Then give yourself enough time to make it into something awesome; whether that time period is months or days, do what works for you (personally, it simply wouldn’t be a con without the 2am race to the finish the night before). Either way, you will be the one wearing it; so show off your hard work!
  •      Packing – I’m not going to provide a list, I have confidence that you can figure it out; but don’t let it sneak up on you. Surprisingly enough, you will pack a good deal to be ready for any and all aspects of the weekend. So if you are one of those pack as you’re loading up the car type of people, you may want to give yourself at least a few extra minutes to make sure you got it all – it’s usually the most blatantly obvious that’s usually forgotten (oh right, pants! ~ that could’ve been awkward…).

Of course despite everything, remember that conventions are fun and getting ready for them should be too!

So is anyone else on the final stretch to an upcoming convention? If so, are you even remotely ready yet? =)