Oh, what is there to be said that has not already been said before~

Once again, the streets of downtown Raleigh were overrun with thousands of character look-alikes from series of anime, video games, movies, TV shows and even cereal boxes. As average residents looked on in complete awe (and occasional horror), con-goer’s simply did what it is that they do best ~ be absolutely awesome!

Once past the initial onslaught of color and activity, the inside of the convention center offered a whole other wealth of entertainment. The convention staples of video game room, dealer’s room, artist alley and AMV contest and display were still ever present amidst so much more. Numerous panels could also be attended on everything from voice acting to costumes to little known facts of the universe – surely, there was something, somewhere that could interest anyone.

The cosplay chess match was an event I was happy to have made it to this year (as I missed it last year…don’t get me started). In a sophisticated and chess-like brawl to the death, main characters from various anime and video games went up against infamous side characters from similar genres. I’m not sure there is anywhere else one could find Pyramid Head from Silent Hill impaling Sailor Moon, Reno from FF7 hi-fiving Zapdos from Pokemon or see a squatting match to the death between Zack Fair and Sonic. Another unexpected turn of events occurred between Link and Midna as an order for slaying turned into a marriage proposal ending in happily ever after =)

Additionally, the Masquerade offered plenty of amusement and talent even though there were only a few acts involved this year. From seeing a small Ash belt out the Pokemon theme song to a huge dance extravaganza from the cast of Baccano, there was much to see and love.

Of course, those who were there know exactly what I am talking about and then some! A great time was had by all and it was difficult to look in any one direction without seeing a slew of amazing and intriguing cosplays.

Until next year ~ Huzzah!

Don’t worry, I know what you really came here for: More Animazement 2012 pictures click here ^^

As for me ~

[Saturday cosplay: Lucy/Nyu ~ Elfen Lied]

[Sunday cosplay: Mei Misaki ~ Another]