“They say life is powerful because there is death in everything…is that really true?”

How selfish the human race becomes when significant power stands to be obtained.

There are those that believe this world holds more than meets the eye.  What people regularly see and know is referred to as the outside world, the world in which most people dwell – and then there is the world of Nabari.

Ninjas.  Samurai.  Hidden villages.  Conflict.  War.  Forbidden Techniques.  It is a world few outsiders even know exist, and even fewer belong in; and those that discover themselves wrapped within its constricting depths usually find little but sorrow left in their wake.

Recently, a particularly formidable forbidden technique called the Shinra Banshou has been rediscovered within the body of an apathetic young man by the name of Miharu Rokujou.  This power has the potential to make its user the ruler of Nabari, the iconoclast of the world or any other desire the wielder may harbor.  However, Miharu has only recently discovered that he is the  the vessel of this power and he doesn’t want it…but there are plenty that will gladly take it off his hands by any force necessary.

Nabari No Ou is the story of an reluctant boy thrust violently into a world beyond his control.  The Banten Ninjas, which include his classroom teacher Thobari Sensei and fellow classmates Kouichi and Raimei, aim to protect Miharu and ensure the Shinra Banshou is never activated or used.  Alternatively, the Kairoshu will stop at nothing to obtain the Shinra Banshou for their own selfish purposes, even going so far as to enlist a Kira user (a forbidden and dangerous technique that grants the user extreme force of power in exchange for their own life force) within their ranks.

As if those facts alone do not complicate things enough, various other factions become involved, bringing their own forbidden techniques into play.  Not to mention Miharu befriends and promises to help the Kairoshu Kira user, Yoite – an act that blurs the lines between friend and enemy for nearly all parties involved.

Nabari No Ou is an 26 episode series packed with action, humor, blood and emotion.  The diverse cast of characters may not seem like much at first but as the truth emerges their depth and charm truly come to light.  You will both love and hate them and find yourself switching allegiances and loyalty as selfish desires, misunderstood bloodshed and bonds deeper and more tangled than anything imaginable are revealed.  There certainly are flaws and the story tends to crawl at times, but the characters and art more than help make up for that.  If nothing else it is entertaining.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy entering the world of the shinobi every now and again?

– A samurai’s sword should only be drawn for judging and killing. It can never save others. –