mirai nikki

Survival. It is a will of human nature; an inescapable drive to prolong life for as long as possible. For some, the journey through life is simple as a walk through the park; but for others…they may find themselves in a desperate fight until they draw their last dying breath.

Although it may not be given much thought by most, the world maintains its equilibrium through the upholding of the laws of time and space. However, time is something that not everyone has enough of. In particular, the god who controls this continuum, Deus Ex Machina, is quickly nearing the end of his existence and must find a suitable replacement before all order falls to chaos and the world is destroyed.

May 2  11:33  [Inside School]

Other side of hallway explodes.

It’s guesswork, but she’s aiming at us for sure.

mirai nikki 12To do this, he creates a survival game made up of 12 unique contestants. Their identities kept hidden within the audience chamber so they can only vocalize briefly with Deus and each other; though in all reality, all participants live within close proximity. What draws these twelve individuals together in this game is not only the rule that whoever is left standing at the end will become a god; but a now enhanced hobby that all of them separately share: a diary.

Their regular daily diaries have now been changed into “future diaries” and allow the user to see entries they have yet to even write, although their purpose is as unique as the individuals themselves. This feature allows the user to see a short glimpse into their upcoming future, however, as most people know, the future can change in a heartbeat. As such, each diary will instantly update as soon as their current future is altered and each participant must then adjust their plans accordingly upon hearing that signature sound. After all, this is a game of survival and finding the identity of the other diary owners is only the beginning.

May 2  12:10

Yukkii told me how he really felt.

You were lonely, Yukkii.

The diaries themselves come in many forms as well: from scrolls to voice recorders to picture books, however the most common device is the user’s cell phone. One stipulation that comes with being a future diary owner is that it is not only the user’s life that must be looked out for, but also that of their diary. Should their cell phone or other device be broken or torn, so too will that end the diary owners life and they will be eliminated from the game and thrust into nothingness. One other unique feature is that each diary is classified according to the type of diary entries the user made previous to it becoming enhanced. A terrorist uses her escape diary to ensure her flawless get away; a police officer views his investigation evidence; and two lovers keep track of each others actions and whereabouts, knowing of harm long before it has chance to strike.

Of these twelve participants, two main protagonists emerge: Amano Yukiteru, holder of the random diary, and Gasai Yuno, holder of mirai-nikki-live-actionthe Yukiteru diary. These two quickly become a powerful duo, mostly due to Yuno’s strength and action but also due to how their future diaries work together. The random diary allows Yuki to view what is happening around him at all times; however this has its flaws as well, as it only records things according to Yuki’s views and beliefs. Yuno’s diary tracks everything that is happening to Yuki, so she has first hand knowledge of what is to come concerning him. Together, they make a team that can thwart most turn of events; and it is a good thing, as these two find themselves dead center of it all straight out of the gate. From the termination of a serial killer to a school terrorist bombing to the over rising of followers in the Sacred Eye cult to the end of days; Yuno’s love and protection for Yuki gets them through most everything, although not always via a method that Yuki prefers. Friendships, betrayals, sympathy, jealousy and insanity all run rampant between Yuki and Yuno as well as the other diary owners and select friends who offer their alliance and help to the situation.

Suspicious figures sighted by the rear –

Chasing him down with fellow followers.

Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) is an anime depicting a psychological bloodbath for survival. Whether the participant’s goal is simply to live and create a better world or to become a god, it truly makes little difference as there can only be one true victor in the end. As alliances come to pass and break apart, diary owners not only find themselves relying on each other instead of being enemies but also find reinforcement within the police, high school friends and even other support systems. Perhaps none of the diary owner’s lives have been picture perfect, but oftentimes knowing struggle and hardship can only make one fight harder in the long run.

mirai-nikki-13Running 26 episodes, Mirai Nikki is one that will not only instantly draw you in with its captivating and action-packed story line  but also with its vast myriad of characters that you will come to both love and hate. There are many intriguing personalities, especially the diary owners, that will catch and hold your attention effortlessly; yet even so, there is not a single character that I can recall supporting throughout the entirety of the show. Even the main protagonists, who you should follow and support in victory and defeat, have their own psychotic and selfish moments that turn them into the bane of everyone’s existence. Alternatively though, there are characters that also make quite the opposite turn around and end up shining through in unexpected ways.


Mar is fighting 2nd.

The knife comes toward the left side of Mars head!!

Be Careful!!!

Aside from the characters and story, the music, mood, and design of the series also make it stand out among others. The soundtrack provides empowerment, somber empathy and mystique to an already emotion gripped ride. From addictive opening and ending themes to fully orchestrated and vocalized character themes, the music only stands to enrich this anime more. Gore, violence and horrifying situations occur to a generous amount of the cast and there is very little left to imagination throughout the series; however, as if to add just the right balance, there are plenty of happy, carefree moments mixed with emotional ones to truly draw you into its grasp.

July 17  20:19  [east research building -> west research building]

I go down the slope and get to the west research building. No enemies around.

The ability to see the future may very well be a gift and a curse. In the end though, nothing is ever certain. The future in sight might change in an instant and every action causes reaction…whether it be on the desired course or not.

tsubakitsubaki arms

When the blood and tears finally stop flowing and the game reaches its end; the only question that remains is: what future still awaits?

…and was it worth it?