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7 deadly sins

“Your eyes can see through evil, your mouth utters the truth, your heart is filled with justice and your sword shall crush evil. To stand by what you believe is right till the end…isn’t that the most important thing for a knight?”

Wrath. Greed. Sloth. Lust. Gluttony. Envy. Pride. The Seven Deadly Sins in which so many people either fight against with all their might or simply accept freely with open arms. Whether it is seen as weakness or strength, the true intent often becomes the greatest demon of all.

When stars streak across the darkened sky forming a cross, it is said that a great calamity will soon fall upon Brittania – but to what end? Are the country’s exalted Holy Knights truly as honored and noble in their positions as people seem to believe? What of the legendary group of criminals, The Seven Deadly Sins, who once attempted to overthrow the kingdom ten years ago? When surrounded by enemies and deceit on all fronts, how does one choose the lesser evil?7 deadly posters

The anime Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai follows the third princess, Elizabeth, as she flees her home in search of the great warriors once called the Seven Deadly Sins. The only problem being that no one has seen or heard of any of them in ten years – ever since they were accused of attempting to overthrow the kingdom and killing a Grand Master.

As luck would have it, Elizabeth ends up running into the former captain of the sins, Meliodas (the dragon sin of wrath) and after some untimely trouble and explaining that the Holy Knights have been corrupted and her plan in having the sins help, they end up traveling together in search of the others.7 deadly e and hawk

So begins the quest that takes Elizabeth, Meliodas and Hawk (the adorably heroic talking pig and scraps manager of the Boar Hat – Meliodas’ moving tavern) all over the land from the “haunted” white forest to a heavily fortified prison to a necropolis of the dead in search of the others. Of course, as if locating the other members and convincing them to come along wasn’t hard enough, numerous powerful Holy Knights show up to try and thwart their plans – their goals being to kill the sins, particularly Meliodas, and forcibly returning Elizabeth back to the castle. 7 deadly ban king

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime topped full of action, comedy and fantasy. It has an almost Full Metal Alchemist feel to it and keeps that spirit alive throughout its 24 episodes (and even has the sin name thing going). There’s also a fairly sizable nod to the original Dragon Age (whether intentional or not) that those who have experienced being a Grey Warden will almost instantly recognize once that point is reached. With  lovable and amusing characters, a fitting score, a story with far more depth, twists and turns and plenty of action – the episodes go by far too quick!

All of the main characters are so vibrant that there is never a dull moment to be had. They are so much more than just weapon wielders and pretty faces. They each have their own in depth stories, reasoning, races, abilities and personalities. From the happy go lucky kid who is captain of the sins for a reason to the most bubbly and adorable giant girl that ever existed – the cast simply never fails to impress.7deadly diane

It is a story of simple premise at start that gains momentum in leaps and bounds keeping shock and surprise around every corner. Characters that were hated will become loved while others backstab when least expected – it will play on emotions with the best of them! With no shortage of humor – and even tears on occasion – it is an anime that should not be missed.

Who would have thought teaming up with a bunch of criminals could bring on such an amazing adventure!?

“Even if you were to die, I would still fulfill the promise made with you.”

7 deadly group


The Gods Among Us ~ Noragami


“Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.”

A lost cat, a strange encounter and a bus. This is how it all started for Hiyori Iki as she walked with her friends on what could have been any ordinary day. As the three friends stop to look at a small ‘lost cat’ poster of Milord, they joke of Hiyori’s closet martial arts obsession and shake their heads as she completely zones out into her own little world. It is then, as they pass by a beautiful stranger with dark hair and piercing blue eyes, that everything changes. Her friends don’t bat an eye at his passing, but Hiyori notices him and turns to watch as he calls for Milord at the top of his lungs. At sight of the small feline across the street, the young man jumps into oncoming traffic only to be knocked out of the way by Hiyori trying to save his life. Oh, what a day!

Noragami yato

After awaking in the hospital, Hiyori finds the young man in her room and he introduces himself as Yato, a minor god. It turns out, Yato is so minor that not only is his name hardly recognized but he doesn’t even have his own shrine and he works minor jobs (such as saving lost cats) in order to earn money and gain a reputation to match his large ego and dreams. The next time their paths cross, Yato points out that Hiyori is a little bit different since they saved each other at the accident: Hiyori has become a hanyou, a half phantom that on occasion will separate from her own body and walk among the realm of the far shore – the realm of phantoms and gods.

noragami Bisha

From that point on, Hiyori becomes entangled in the lives of the gods – beings that exist alongside humans, although most people do not have the ability to even notice them unless the gods allow it. While many gods remain at their shrines, others go out and seek to eliminate phantoms that have crossed onto the near shore, the realm that humans inhabit. These gods fight with weapons called Regalia – spirits who are found and named by the gods after their death and take on a weapon form to work in tandem with their masters. Yato names a new regalia Yukine, a young troubled youth who wishes only to be alive like everyone else and causes much pain to his new master through his reckless actions.  The three encounter other gods in the area as well as their Regalia which bring friendship, loyalty, vengeance and betrayal – with none more mysterious than the disowned and renounced Regalia, Nora.

noragami nora

Noragami (meaning ‘stray god’) is a supernatural/action/comedy manga and anime that was recently aired running 12 episodes. Providing an entertaining premise and story mixed with a beautiful art style, the episodes keep audiences interested throughout their entirety. While the story line itself could easily be more in depth, the way different aspects and elements are strung together create a riveting and synonymous tale from beginning to end. For the length of the series it is very well done and gives an entertainment value that many fail to do quite so well. As the three somewhat unwilling strangers survive trials and grow ever closer, they all learn much about themselves and each other – even when the darkest of pasts come to light.

noragami hiyori

Despite harrowing circumstances, people can sometimes change each other for the better. Friendships are bonded, loyalties remain, and even gods of war and calamity can find light in their irrefutable darkness.

E3 2014 ~ So Far…


It looks awesome!

It is an event that gamers throughout the world as well as those within the industry look forward to each year.  It is an event where thousands view the conference from their homes via live streaming while others traverse the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center brushing shoulders with big name developers and playing demos of games that seem barely more than a wandering thought for most; it is a time in which all eyes focus towards one finite point. And as always, oh what a show it has been so far.

Monday marked day zero of the 4 day conference showcasing Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony and all they have in store within the coming future.



Microsoft presented a succinct showing of numerous exclusive and large titles that would exhibit all that the XBox One is truly capable of. Glimpsing the first images of huge names such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Witcher 3 gameplay footage, Tom Clancy Thehalo_5_guardians-672x372 Division, Forza, and Sunset Overdrive; that alone would have been enough to keep gamers glued onto the coming horizon. Add in a few unexpected twists such as Phantom Dust, an original Xbox remake; much loved Crackdown; new title Scalebound; and of course numerous smaller titles such as Project Spark, Ori and the Dark Forest and handfuls of other Indie games that hold just as much impact and there is little more that could be asked for. Lastly, who could forget to mention the news surrounding the Halo series – Masterchief collection coming out end of year containing all the previous Halo games leading up to the much anticipated Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft ended their conference stating that they make the Xbox for the gamers and that every gamer helps “shape the future” of the beloved brand and system.


EA took the stage next bringing with them an entourage of sporting titles and other big names. Opening with Star Wars Battlefront and the greatly anticipated Dragon Age Inquisition (accompanied by a live musical performance) set the stage for what was to DAInquisitionGoGamercome. The new Sims 4 captured much attention with their “smarter Sims, weirder stories” demo which outlined the limitless possibilities players will have. Additionally, EA brought forth gameplay and footage of the new UFC game, NHL 15, PGA Tour (“Golf without limit”), Madden 15 and Fifa 15 to round out their sports venues. Criterion Games went behind the scenes of their newest work which, while unnamed, promises to showcase every mode of transportation and extreme adventure known to man. MOBA Dawngate and Mirror’s Edge also gained some press time. The finale of EA’s conference came with not only long minutes of gameplay for Battlefield Hardline (set on the streets, cops and criminals) but also announced the start of the live beta opening with 64 PS4s in room and directions on how to register both PS4 and PC to those at the conference and at home.


Next on the lineup came Ubisoft, which in my opinion gave one of the most entertaining shows thus far (pre-show rules given by none other than a group of Rabbids, of course). Opening the stage with the first 5 minutes of footage from Far Cry 4, it started the show on a grand scale and kept on climbing. Just Dance 2015 followed introducing not only new gameplay footage and music but also a new way of playing the game altogether – with a smart phone. Using technology most everyone has paired with the Just Dance App allows anywhere from one to thousands of people to play together – anyone, anytime, anywhere – and of course this was demonstrated with about 30 people on stage, in the balcony and in the aisles of the conference room. Tom Clancy The Divisionac unity graced the screen next with more visual footage to aid the gameplay viewed earlier by Microsoft. As a zombie apocalypse survival shooter without the zombies, its line of “tragedy is invisible” really struck home after viewing this side of the presentation. Racing across the world and a tournament of teams accompanied more information on The Crew with an announced beta of July 23 and a November 11 release date. Next up on their list of heavy hitters came Assassin’s Creed Unity, not only giving an intense preview of the game and just what exactly it means when it says ‘unity’ but also showing an entire missions worth of live gameplay. AC Unity is set to release October 28. On another level entirely, to help gamers enjoy a bit of fitness a new game called Shape Up was introduced as well making fitness activities into a competition (and what gamer can turn down a competition, anyway?). From the talented creators of Child of Light, Valiant Hearts The Great War tore at the crowd and viewer’s heartstrings as it showed a glimpse into the story of 4 separate military personnel all accompanied by their faithful canine. For their grand finale, Ubisoft unveiled something that nobody saw coming. Showing unnamed gameplay as a co-op team of 4 attempts to infiltrate a house and recapture a hostage with tactical prowess, good aim and perma-death, audiences watched in awe as Rainbow Six: Siege was unveiled and truly almost stole the entire show.


Sony ended day zero of E3 with a somewhat overly long but well done conference. As anyone who watched the conference can say, there is no doubt that Sony ever tires of stating how they bring things to gamers first and they bring it better. Destiny opened their show as well as announcing a glacier white PS4 bundle that will be available at game launch. Following this came numerous game previews and announcements to include The Order 1886 footage, Entwined, Infamous DLC, Little Big Planet 3, Bloodborne, Far Cry Destiny4 (with the ability to play co-op even if friends do not own the game), Dead Island 2, Diablo III (with last of us zombies included – hello clickers! :eek:), Battlefield Hardline, Disney Infinity 2, Majicka 2, Remastered classic Grim Fandango, Let it die, Abzu (from some of the same creators as Journey), and No Man’s Sky. A huge list of games all with great potential as well as great exclusives for playing them on PS4. Additional hardware was also shown such as Project Morpheus, the supposed future of gaming incorporating the Playstation camera. Also discussed was PSN as a whole as well as free to play games. Information was also given on Playstation Now and its hundreds of titles available on any device and even a Sony TV with a dualshock 3 controller (July 31 open beta PS4). Playstation TV will also be available later this year for a $99 price tag or a $130 bundle. Following this technology interlude it returned to what players really wanted to see: Mortal Kombat X gameplay, PS+ promotions, A new show based on a graphic novel called Powers, Ratchet & Clank movie and remastered game, Last of Us remastered, Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain footage, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 announcement, Batman Arkham Knight gameplay and a glimpse at Uncharted 4. Phew. It was a long two hour conference for Sony, but they certainly delivered.


Finally, the start of Day One began with Nintendo’s pre-recorded conference and they brought exactly what people were looking for. Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U showed more depth into Mii fighting styles and techniques (to include brawler, fighter andYoshisWoolyWorld gunner as well as over 36 mixed abilities) and also gave the first view of something called Amiibo – a way of bringing toys to life (much like Disney Infinity or Skylanders). These small figures of Mario, Link, Pikachu and many more can be used to bring powerful, yet unique, characters into certain games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart (among many more to come) simply by hovering the figurine over a corner of the Wii U Gamepad. The adorable Yoshi’s Woolly World was looked into as well showing the initial idea process of it to actual game play as well as a look into a new game featuring Toad called Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. A game that most everyone held their breath in anticipation for was word of  a new Zelda game for Wii U and although only a small amount of footage was seen, the promise of a truly open world and the beauty and mystery that has always surrounded the Zelda universe surely made every fan smile. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well as Bayonetta 2 were given some previews as well as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Small interviews and footage were also shown for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors (confirming Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna as playable characters), Mario Maker (an amusing new twist on creating and playing Mario levels either in classic or more updated form) and a new ink shooter battle game called Splatoon.


All in all, E3 2014 has been huge and there is no way to crown just one conference as the best. With major cross platform titles to exclusive franchises to unique and quirky adventures, there is something for every type of gamer no matter what system they may own or prefer (if not all of them). As E3 continues for the next two days there are still bounds of news, trailers, booths and demos to see whether it is on site at the convention center or from the comfort of home. So enjoy one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, let anticipation reach an entirely new level and know that at the end of the day, everyone is leaving as a winner!

“A force of good is not so easily extinguished”


There are very few people in life who ever know, full heartedly from the start, that they are destined to be heroes. Even when the time does come, knowing what to do and having the ability to carry it out can be two entirely different feats; but that is all simply part of the journey.

In the indie game Dust: An Elysian Tail by independent designer Dean Dodrill and published by Microsoft Studios, you begin your adventure as an unknown swordsman named Dust. Having no previous memories or knowledge of who you are or once were, you are soon teamed up with your weapon and companion for your upcoming journey: The Blade of Ahrah, an ancient mythical talking sword and Fidget, the sword’s guardian nimbat.

dust elysian tail

Along the way, Dust seeks to remember his past while following the advice of Ahrah and helping the citizens of Falana negate the oppression and bloodshed caused by General Gaius and his army. As waters run dry, towns are demolished, and an ancient race known as the Moonbloods draw nearer to extinction, time is of the essence whether Dust is completely aware of his mission or not. However, with every new area as well as with every new friend and foe he encounters, Dust begins to learn of himself; duly accomplishing everything he sets out to do.

Dust: An Elysian Tail is a side scrolling action RPG filled with quick action combat, a vibrant cast of characters and a beautiful hand painted backdrop. Action wise, Dust slays his enemies via numerous sword combos and timed use of his dust storm ability which can also be enhanced by Fidget’s magic projectiles in unison. As the story progresses and new areas are discovered, Dust will also learn a myriad of abilities to increase his effectiveness – abilities that will not only allow you to continue forward, but to also travel back to previous areas later on in the game and explore even further into their depths.

dust combat

The core of the story itself is in many ways the generic save-the-world-from-evil plot except that many aspects involving who Dust truly is and how these events came to pass all result in an intriguing twist of events.  The main characters all bring their own unique quirks to the foray as well: Ahrah remains the ever thoughtful voice of reason, having all the answers but only revealing them in due time while giving meaningful advice to Dust and Fidget as needed; In stark contrast, Fidget  offers much of the comic relief through the tale as well as her combat endeavors; While Dust stays in a subdued cloud of angst and confusion while maintaining confidence in his skill and upholding his sense of humor throughout.

When facing a new enemy, Ahrah tells Dust to "remember what he has learned," and this is Fidget's response:

When facing a new enemy, Ahrah tells Dust to “remember what he has learned,” and this is Fidget’s response:

The game is truly an enjoyable experience that offers various difficulties as well as numerous battle challenge arenas to be discovered and mastered during gameplay. However, as in most titles, it does have its flaws. The boss encounters are probably one of the biggest disappointments as they do not offer near the difficulty you would expect from them. It has also been said that many of the RPG elements could have been more involved, though they are still present and should be utilized to the greatest of your ability to ensure success and make life easier all at the same time.

What makes this title stand out just that much more is that it was created by one solitary person over the course of three and a half years. A feat not often seen or accomplished to this extent and in many opinions has gone above and beyond what full teams have not managed to do.


In the end, Dust: An Elysian Tail is definitely worth playing. Depending on the difficulty and completion it will likely take less than 20 hours to finish; but it holds a great amount of content for its price as well as an artistry and ingenuity that is often hard to come by.

So venture to Falana; be awed by Ahrah, amused by Fidget, and discover who Dust is and was…all while accomplishing everything you are meant to do…whether you realize it or not.

“I remember everything. AND IT CHANGES NOTHING!”


(Additionally, feel free to check out my Twitch channel as I livestream my next playthrough of Dust: An Elysian Tail!)

“They’ll give you a second chance, and they’ll let you relive your life.”

“All the way…from the very beginning.”

“Change one thing, fulfill one wish.”

“You know what you’d wish for, don’t you?”

“But just remember…”

“It will be the last thing you ever do.”

2020142-to_the_moon_launch_poster_medWhat defines a thing of excellence? Is it money, fame, or notoriety? Maybe, but oftentimes it is none of these things. Perhaps, in the end, it is the most simple and pure of things in life that truly make all the difference.

Imagine a machine that can make your one, true dream become reality. However, this machine cannot simply be utilized at any given moment; rather only at the very end of one’s life, in their very last moments. It is less a physical accomplishment and more a subconscious effort where those in charge of the machine traverse through cherished memories in order to find that one place in time that will set you on the correct course to fulfill your final wish.

In Freebird Games title To the Moon, it follows the last days and memories of Johnny Wyles and those that risk everything to make his dream come true. Two doctors of Sigmund Corp are assigned to Johnny’s case: Dr. Eva Rosaline and Dr. Neil Watts; and these two soon face a heart-wrenching trial in completing their assigned task. Johnny’s wish is to go to the moon. Sounds simple enough, right? But here is the catch: he has no idea why he wants this so bad; which not only makes things more difficult for the doctors, but ultimately gives them no place to start from. Memory by memory, Eva and Neil must transcend various years of Johnny’s life from his current age to his childhood to try and discover why he wants to go to the moon and then implement the idea to his younger self and make it a reality.

Playing more like a visual novel than your generic platformer, To the Moon takes audiences by their heart strings through Johnny’s story, through his life. Laughter, smiles, confusion and tears will accompany your journey as you take control of one of the two doctors and piece together memory fragments throughout each period of time.

To the Moon is truly unlike any game, any story, any experience you may have had; and what makes it all the more incredible is that it isn’t accomplished by an outstanding graphical achievement, diverse soundtrack or fluid controls. The mastery itself lies in the story this game weaves. A story that admittedly starts out a bit slow yet draws you into its inescapable grasp before you even realize it.freebird_games_to_the_moon_1162681_g1

In regards to graphics, music and controls; none of these features are particularly notorious by any means on their own, but they are not flawed either…they simply might not be what you would normally expect to find in today’s gaming world. Graphics reigning from a colorful 16-bit era show everything you need as you side scroll the characters throughout the areas finding intriguing clues and dialogue via simple keyboard and mouse controls. The soundtrack of this game comes through piano solos and serenades; which stands not only as a fitting accompaniment but also holds significant relevance to the story. Its one alternative being a singular vocal track, sung by Laura Shigihara, at one of the most pivotal and emotion moments in the game.

Even as emotion driven as the main story is, let’s not pretend the game doesn’t hold a fair amount of humor and mockery to it as well. From snarky remarks between the doctors to amusing situations within Johnny’s past, there are many moments that will literally have you laughing out loud. The game also makes many classic references to various TV shows, anime and trends of current and past years to include: Neil screaming “Kamehameha” as he breaks through a memory shield, fighting zombies by throwing cactus plants at them, a final fantasy-esque battle between Eva and a rampant squirrel and even mention of those little Tamogatchi virtual pets (to even give a small glimpse as to what is in store).

I feel as though there is so much to say about this game…yet I would never deprive anyone of having the experience of playing it for the first time themselves. Going into this game with naught but a recommendation left me entirely unprepared for what I would be witnessing. The people in our lives, our dreams, our hopes – what does it all come down to in the end? Everything seems to simple, yet within that simplicity lies one of the most heartfelt, beautiful and well told stories I have ever heard.

If you could go back, back to the beginning, and change anything to make just one dream come true…would you?

“Until the stars all fall down”

“They empty from the sky”

“But I don’t mind”

“…If you’re with me, then everything’s alright.”

Baka Baka Baka!!!

School really is a drag, isn’t it? Studying, tests, grades, studying…well, you get the picture. Now, what if we decided to make things a little more interesting!?

Fumizuki Academy is a school of academic excellence, marked by a pivotal placement test given to all students at the beginning of the year.  This test not only determines an overall grade but actually places the student in a particular classroom; class A being the best and brightest students going all the way down through F, the “idiot” class.

As if that fact alone isn’t motivation enough to do your very best, each class is significantly different not only in academic level but also down to the very equipment (desks, pencils, chairs, etc.) each class is allotted. Class A, as you might imagine, lounges in reclining chairs, have personal laptops at every desk, and even have their own coffee bar to use at their convenience. Alternatively, class F has fruit boxes for desks, flat cushions to sit on, and their class sign hangs outside the door in pieces held by some thread and tape.

In case it is not obvious already, tests are kind of a big thing at this academy – but there is an even more unexpected reason for this! Every student and teacher at the academy has the ability to summon an avatar, or small chibi version of themselves, which can then fight battles between students. The only catch is that each avatar’s strength comes from the student’s most recent test scores in a particular subject. The battlefield for these particular fights must be activated by a teacher of that subject. For example, if a math teacher grants permission for the battle, both student’s avatars will be measured by their most recent math test. Depending on the difference in scores an avatar has the chance of being either handsomely victorious or completely obliterated, that is their score reaching zero. This ends the fight and the dead or losing student gets immediately swept away to the much feared and loathed remedial lessons.

Sounds fun, right?

The anime Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts follows a set of students who belong to class F. There is Akihisa Yoshii, the main protagonist, probationary student and ultimate idiot of them all; Yuji Sakamoto, the class rep and good friend of Akihisa; Mizuki Himeji, a class A level intelligence girl in class F due to being unable to finish the placement test; Minami Shimada, a tough girl who excels in math but flounders miserably in Japanese; Hideyoshi Kinoshita, the pretty boy everyone loves; and Kota Tsuchiya, never without his camera. A few characters from rival Class A and other classes also appear frequently both friendly and competitively.

It is a light-hearted comedy that truly shows what can be accomplished when even the worst of odds are against you. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your friends and allies can be the difference between victory and defeat. After all, trying is only a means to an end; but so long as you try your best what have you really got to lose?

Problems with studying? Voila, solution: An avatar battle based on test scores with terrifying remedial lessons as punishment. Can you say, ‘Hello motivation!’

Find the opening (with stupidly happy and addicting song ^^) here:  http://youtu.be/mf5W24fdsy0

A Wolf Inside a Girl ~ Spice and Wolf

There was once a legend of a great wolf god that dictated the fortune of the harvest each and every year.  Some years the wheat was plentiful and overflowing while others yielded just enough to survive the winter.  The village folk called the wolf impulsive…never understanding that after a bountiful harvest she had to let the land rest and recover.  But what fools these mortals be, how could they ever understand…

But perhaps all mortals are not so bad, some just simply trying to get by. As such, in order to make a good living for oneself in this difficult and trying world, one must be good at what they do.  Luckily for a young man named Kraft Lawrence, being a traveling merchant with an eye for making money, he is considered one of the best.

After stopping by a familiar village, Lawrence finds  a young girl with pointy ears and a long beautiful tail in the back of his merchant cart.  She is the human form of Holo, the wise wolf – the very incarnation of the great wolf who tended the villages wheat for so many long years – and the two soon set out on a journey of merchant-ly trials, trickery, and travel as they make their way to Holo’s homeland in the North.

Season one of Spice and Wolf is 13 episodes of fun, travel, odd yet endearing characters, humor, and even a bit of business savvy. Between Lawrence’s wit and Holo’s  adorably cute yet regal attitude (not to mention her ever increasing tab due to more apples than anyone should eat, expensive clothes, and bottomless mugs of alcohol) the two form a partnership that is hard not to love.

So go watch it.  It makes happy – and here is the ending theme as proof, just in case you aren’t convinced yet: ^^


Eden of the East

Do you want to play a game? No? well, you don’t really have a choice…

Imagine waking up just outside the White House in Washington D.C.. The only possessions on you are a small hand gun and an odd cell phone – no clothes, no identification, oh and did I forget to mention, no memory.  Upon tossing the gun and opening the fingerprint locked cell phone with the words “Noblesse Oblige” written across the face panel you hear a woman’s voice on the other end, “This is Juiz”.  Juiz is your concierge; and between her incredible resources and the 10 billion yen at your disposal on your phone, you and 11 other “saviors” are to use your every ability to change the world for the better.

However, this game is not a simple suggestion – it is a matter of life and death.  Of the twelve saviors only one can truly win the game.  Should a savior not use their talents and resources correctly one of the saviors (known as “the supporter”) will eliminate that savior; this will also occur should the savior run out of money on their phone before accomplishing their goal.  This is a group called the Selecao, a game created by an individual known only as Mr. Outside, and the story of a girl who gets mixed up in the dealings of one of these mysterious saviors – a savior who could be a terrorist or a hero.

Saki was just your average college graduate looking for a little extra adventure before returning home to Japan to start job hunting.  On a graduation trip to the States she detours from the New York City expedition to visit Washington D.C..  To Saki, the White House was like the center of the world, and to come to America without seeing it might as well be a crime.  Just outside the gates to the White House is where she first meets a mysterious naked boy who runs to her rescue armed only with a gun and a cell phone.  After evading the police Saki generously gives him her jacket to wear and they go their separate ways.  It isn’t long before she realizes her passport was in the jacket and she frantically runs in the direction the boy went.

When the boy reaches the place marked on his phone he finds a small apartment with some of his things within.  After adorning some much better fitted clothes he finds a series of passports all with his picture on it.  Randomly selecting one he burns the others and begins to call himself Akira Takizawa.  Saki catches up to Takizawa and the two of them make their way back to Japan; Saki to return home and Akira to figure out why he wiped his own memory and hopefully get some answers.

The title Eden of the East actually refers to a special program created by Saki and a group of her friends.  It is a mass social network type site where people are always connected and can learn anything and everything instantly while on the server.  This program soon becomes pivotal in Takizawa’s mission of saving Japan as time is of the essence with missile strikes imminent by order of opposing Selecao.  All the while trying to discern who is ally and enemy amidst discovering who Takizawa truly is.

Humor, romance, adventure, and technology make up this short 11 episode anime (plus two additional movie sequels).  It reveals just enough information as each episode passes without giving too little or dropping it all on you in one fell blow.  The concept is captivating and the characters lively and clever.  It poses a question many people often seek the answer to.  If you had the resources, the ability…what could you achieve to drastically better the world in which we live? Do you think you could win the game?

“Understood. Noblesse oblige. I pray for your continuing service as a savior.”