There are times when we would give anything to protect the things that truly matter to us; and then there are times when we must place those very treasures directly into harms way in order to save them.

Something Fragile, by Indie game developer Happy Badger Studio, is a puzzle platformer that challenges you with an experience that goes beyond simply making it to the end of each level. As a creature of uncertain origin, it is your duty to protect and care for a heart that you are given. Although a seemingly simple task, in progressing through each level the player will have to let go of the heart and expose it to environmental hazards and other obstacles in order to reach safety; but be careful not to venture too far away, as both the heart and creature will begin to perish should the time apart or distance become too great.

It is a story that will make you feel fear, loss and love for this precious object in your possession. Promising empathy and emotion over guns and action, Something Fragile not only stands out in concept but also in its unique design. Using stop motion techniques for game play and physical media such as fabric and paper construction for art, the stage is being set to completely draw players in.

Although currently still funding to complete production, the title is estimated to release this summer for PC and Mac. If you are interested in getting more information, seeing what is going on behind the scenes of development or would like to support the project, please check out their Kickstarter website and decide for yourself if Something Fragile is truly something worth fighting for.